This is the New Home of Donor Management System (DMS).

NEWS: DMS is currently being updated with many new features and should be available by October 1, 2014.

What is DMS?
DMS is an MS Access database designed to track donors, donor donations and to issue receipts that are compliant with Revenue Canada receipting regulations:

Donor Management System (DMS) Features List

  • The focus of DMS is ease of use and compliance to Canada Revenue Agency standards and regulations for receipt issuance.
  • Track donor (constituent) information: name, address, phone, email, etc.
  • A donor can be an individual, couple or organization.
  • DMS can create monthly pledges (from 1 to virtually unlimited).
  • Any number of donations can be combined to produce one receipt.
  • Deposit slips can be printed for selected donations.
  • Donations may be categorized by fund type, i.e., General, Building, Home Care, Advocacy, etc. Donations can then be summarized by fund type for a specific date range then printed; this summary can then be used as a source document for month end journal entries.
  • Thank you letters for any number of donations and/or receipts may be printed based on user defined Word templates.
  • Appeal Letters – an optional module add on. Module can print appeal letters based on user specified donor selection criteria.
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    Availability - You may try DMS free of charge for a period of one year: please contact me for more information (306) 500-5383 or bwright at

    Online Help - No online help is available at this time.